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An Introduction to Hasslacher’s, Colombia

A short film on where Hasslacher’s hot chocolate is made and the story of the cacao we use, the vertical supply chain and fair trading mechanism our supplier uses to source beans. We talk about the way we roast the beans to make a product that tastes unlike anything else out there.

Hasslacher’s Animation

A lighthearted look at how Colombian hot chocolate is made from the growing of the beans to whisking a delicious frothy cup of goodness. Made by the talented Christopher Walker in Normandy, France.

Hasslacher’s Organic panela launch at the Eden Project

Ozindas Ltd worked with Eden to create a permanent installation in the main tropical biome showing how this unique sugarcane product is made.

Hasslacher’s & Colombia

Plus some facts about cacao and chocolate that may surprise you

50 Years

50 years R&D in cacao production and cultivation models to preserve quality and increase production to guarantee the best product and profitability for the farmers.


Cacao related training provided for more than 700 people per year in the Granja Luker plantation. We really care about the welfare of our people.

1.8 Billion

In Colombia alone, enough of our drinking chocolate bars are made to prepare approximately 1.8 billion cups of hot chocolate per year. It’s their national drink.

100,000 Buds

One tree produces around 100,000 buds each year with just 0.5% producing flowers = 500 flowers. Just 8 to 10% of these 500 flowers get to maturity.

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