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Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate 250g bar

Hasslacher’s original ‘Solid Bar’ Colombian drinking chocolate. Two slabs of 32 squares of delicious 100% Colombian cacao, making 16 generous servings of top quality authentic hot chocolate (15g per serving).

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Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate Drops 250g

A pouch of easy-to-use drops of 100% Colombian cacao makes up to 16 mugs. See back of pack for variety of uses for our hot chocolate as a wonderful kitchen ingredient.

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Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate Kraft tube 200g

A tube of 200g of our 100% Colombian cacao drops. Perfect as a gift for yourself or your favourite chocolate lover.

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Hasslacher’s Branded enamel mug with 100g of 100% cacao drops

Ideal for camping and festivals. Sit back and enjoy. A heavy gauge steel mug double coated vitreous enamel with 100g of Hasslacher’s 100% cacao hot chocolate drops

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Hasslacher’s Organic Artisan Sugarcane Panela 200g

Delicious pulverised organic panela made on our family run trapiche in Colombia. Use in place of ordinary sugar for a fruity caramel flavour in cakes and desserts, refreshing agua de panela or even in cocktails.

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What is panela?

Block panela

Hasslacher’s Organic Single Estate Panela block 500g

A pure block of artisan produced panela on the Orita estate in Maraquita, Colombia available on request. Simply store in the fridge and slice sheets off with a sharp knife and use in place of conventional sugar.

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What is panela?


Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate 150g drops Kraft Pouch

Up to 10 mugs of delicious hot chocolate drops in a stand up pouch.

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Hasslacher’s Hot chocolate catering pack 1.5kg

A generous foodservice sized pouch, ideal for use in coffee shops and cafes under the steamer wand. Makes 100 servings per pouch. Great for melting as a baking ingredient, too.

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The Difference

Hasslacher’s ‘Solid Bar’ Colombian drinking chocolate is a unique tasting 100% cacao gourmet hot chocolate made in Colombia where the finest native South American Criollo and Trinitario beans are grown.These rare beans are superior in flavour and constitute only 7% of the total world cocoa produced each year.

We are probably the only brand of chocolate sold in the UK that is made entirely in the country where the beans actually grow. This provides local employment, improves traceability, creating a more sustainable and robust fair trade mechanism. Therefore, no cacao beans are traded on the open market but rather bought directly from the farmers and growers, through their own co-operative supply chain, providing better prices than traded beans, where middle men are involved.


Colombia, home to Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate

A clever time lapse film to show the diversity and beauty of this amazing country.

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Also available in numerous high-end independent delis and health food stores nationwide


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